Morpeth Chess Club

Playing chess in Northumberland's county town

Local interest

Northumbria Chess League Everything you need to know about playing chess competitively in Northumberland.

Alnwick Chess Club Alnwick play all their matches at our club...And also the original inspiration for Morpeth to set up its own website.

Peterlee Chess Club Lots of sound, common-sense chess advice mixed in with some home truths about your average chess player in the Patzer Magazine.  

Morpeth Chess Club favourites

Play Online chess at . Don't play blitz games, play online 'correspondence' games where you get between 1-15 days for each move

Chess Direct  For all your book purchasing needs 

English Chess Federation  The online grading database is an endless source of interest

Everyman Books In particular, they have a wide range of downloadable ebooks - handily priced for when you think you deserve a present

Gambit Chess - DB Books  Free pgn downloads of the games from a wide range of chess books.  Can save a lot of time typing in moves / setting up boards

Jeremy Silman's chess pages  The website of the well-known chess author.  Check out the book review section


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